Friday, August 1, 2008

Kara is 1!

Kara was born on 07-07-07 at 7:07 pm. she is now a year. Kara loved her birthday. Well what she knew of it. We had a nice day at home and then we went to Grandma Waite's and had a birthday party with Aunt Andrea, Kara was born on Andrea's birthday so we had a party for both of them! Kara thought that her candle was to cool she wanted to touch it. Bryce had to hold her so she wouldn't get burned. When we gave her a peice of cake she just bent over and took a big bite of it and then she started to take little pinches of it. She wasn't to excited about it then I gave her an icecream cone and she loved it. She got a talking elmo doll from Grandma and grandpa. and she got a new dress and a stackable star toy that Emily loves. It was a good day. Happy Birthday Kara we love you!

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