Monday, November 24, 2008

Our Update '08

Ok so for some reason I can not poste pictures! So I will give you our update.

We have moved from our rental home in nampa and now live in My parents home in Middleton! Things went well with our move. We had tones of help offered weather it was watching our girls (because they both kept taking things out of the box as soon as I was ready to tape)! Or helping us carry things out to the truck, or inviting us to dinner, or letting us live in your house! We had tons of help!
Well our goal is to live here for a few months and then buy a house!!! That is our Dream! We want to get a good deal! and we really like the north nampa area so we will see where we end up! We loved our ward in Nampa and had many friends and miss them already! We are excited to live here in Middleton where we have family all over. My Parents have been great and help so much! We are really trying not to abuse the fact that we have live in babysitters! My brother is the bishop and my mom is the RS. president and my sister in law is in the primary presidency. Needless to say on our first sunday, Before church I got a calling as bulitin person and ward historian? I am excited for that! We love staying updated on everyones blogs! I will keep in touch as I hope you will to!
Sorry so long! But that is it! Take care


Kristy and Casey said...

So, I am glad your move went well, it is so hard with kids! Good luck finding a home. Just have to say I know where a great one is (mine!) and the people would offer a good deal! Let me know if you are interested. have fun living with the babysitters...I mean your parents!

TheTamFam said...

Hey you wonderful people! I just found your blog from the link on my cousin's site. Glad to see life is going well--sounds like great things are happening. If you want an update on an old friend from the Caldwell Single's scene, feel free to check out my blog as well.

White Family said...

Hey there! Did I read on Facebook that its your birthday today? Happy B-Day!! It was so good to see you guys over the break and I hope you have a great Christmas Holiday!

The Kidds said...

Wow! You guys have been busy! I'm glad you are liking the new place- and I LOVE the idea of close babysitters! Keep in touch!

Kristin said...

Hi! Oh my gosh I am the worst friend ever! Sorry I didn't call you back or make it to your pampered chef party. How did it go? I hope it went really well. Your girls are SO beautiful. I can't believe how big Emily is - and her hair is so long. I haven't even met Kara!! We need to get together asap!!