Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our New House

This is OUR house!!! Yes you heard it right we have a house now it is so GREAT!!!
We love it we moved in right before halloween and are all moved in it is great!
The girls love it and are happy to have room to run litterly.

Bryce and the girls reading the scriptures!


Jennifer Miller said...

love the new house...LUCKY!

Megan Johnson said...

Hey you! Love the update on the new house. It looks so beautiful! I'm so happy for you guys. We miss you too. How is the business coming along? Does brice still work at UPS? Have a good one!

Ben and Dena said...

I'm so glad you updated! We seriously need to get together! We would love to see you guys! I can't believe how big your girls are- they are totally adorable!