Monday, November 19, 2012


Wow I haven't posted on here or even looked at it for over a year! The last post was Emily graduating from Kindergarden. Now she is in 2nd Grade, and Kara is in kindergarden! My kids are getting so big! I Will just give you all a little update! BRYCE- Bryce is just finishing his last few weeks of school he will graduate on the 22nd of Dec. Hunting season is finished for the year, and Bryce got a nice 3 point deer. VALERIE- I am doing well. I am the Primary president of our new Ward (our stake made a new ward and changed all the wards in the stake)It is fun but lots of work! I had to start from scratch. We didn't even have paper. I got my first Deer this year. Just a little 1by2. EMILY- Emily is 7 and is loving being in 2nd grade. She is having fun. She loves reading and will read or spell anything she sees. KARA- Kara is 5 and is so animated. She loves being in kindergarden. She loves being able to know her letters. She asks what things say all the time. She has lots of fun with her friends. LANDON- Landon is 22 months and is so fun. He is my shadow. He loves Grandpa's cows! He asks to go to "papas moo cows" all day long. We are so excited that we get to go to Maryland for Christmas this year! My sister Tiffany lives there and we get to be with them for 16 days. We are excited to see what our lives will bring next year! Well that is all for now, But I will post pictures soon.


Kristy E.B. said...

Fun to see an update of your family. Your kids are getting big!! Glad to hear you're doing well.

Melanie Eastman said...

Nice update, Valerie! I'm excited to be neighbors! Did you hear we're moving to Payette?