Saturday, February 21, 2009

New hair



I hate to post picts of me but I want my sister Tiffany to see it! So I did it and just a few hours ago. I have goten bord with my hair and so as a result I was putting it up all the time! Well now I have a some diffrent options! Thanks Tiff I am glad you talked me in to it! Well at least right now! Bryce has no idea I did this today he is at work and so we will see his responce to it!!



Cute hair! I love it curly! We for sure need to get together and play some games. We have had some sick kidos so we will have to call you when they are all better.

SILLYA said...

looks great Valerie! anyone know of a man that DOES NOT like long curly beautiful hair? I don't. I am sure he will love it-- if not, that's his problem-- he'll get used to it!

Daniel and Tiffany Dunn said...

Val i LOVE it!!good job (Oh i was saying that to myself)
it looks REALLY good! i love love loveit! you are georgous! your hair is getting so long! i think i'll call and see what Bryce thought, he HAD to have loved it.

White Family said...

Hey--your hair does look really good! I just did to mine awhile ago, but just for the body it adds. I still do it straight, but now its just more static! Anyway, I'm glad you liked the pics. Yes, Hannah is growing so fast and it seems like I just had her, just like you said. Ya, she has been sitting up for awhile-crazy! How are you guys?