Monday, February 16, 2009

Up to Date!

Ok so we are doing well here in Middleton, living with my parents is fun!
Bryce is so buisy he works at UPS from 3:30am to 9:am then comes home and then goes to work at my brothers store in nampa, Waltman Family Furniture! Where he works hard and has lots of fun with Todd. He works there like 5 days a week then comes home dead tired. It is a slow time of year for A+ right now but he sells some and does bids. Anyway he is crazy buisy!

I am having fun at home and trying to stay on top of things with the buisness and the girls. I have a new calling in the ward I am one of the CTR 6 teachers. I teach with Judson my Nephew, he teached every other week. It is fun the kids are cute, I also do the ward bulitin and history! Fun stuff! I just finished the Twilight seres for the second time!

Emily is doing good and loves to talk and adds "or somethin'" to moste of her sentances like "mom are you goin' to the Temple or somethin'" She has fun with all her cousins she loves to play out side except when her fingers freez!

Kara is happy and funny at breakfast I found her with these mellows on her head! silly little girl. She loves to do any and everything Emily does. she thinks she is so old. Kara is talking a lot more and says new words everyday, her favorite word is "don't"!

We are not sure what we are going to do at this point as far as getting a house or renting again till December but will keep you posted.
So sorry that this little update is so long. but it was needed and I am cought up for a while HAPPY TIFFANY!


The Legg Fam said...

I can't belive how much the kids have grown. Sounds like life is crazy, but fun. It is so nice to check in, and see how you guys are doing.

Alli said...

I'm so glad you guys are doing fabulous! We miss you and are still hoping you move back :-)!

By the way, I need your email address so I can add you to my blog.

Daniel and Tiffany Dunn said...

Yes i AM happy!! thank you! ha Emily is so cute i can picture her saying or something, oh and i like the bees, i just read the secret life of bees. i didn't REALLY like it but it was okay. anyway, i'm so glad you came back to the blogging world!! stay with us!