Monday, May 31, 2010

Emily and the Hair CUT!!

Well I was in the house taking care of Kara who had the barffs, When the door bell rings and so I go to get it and make Bryce take my place holding Kara, I open the door and there at my door is my next door neighbor and she is holding Emily's hand and her 3 year old is next to her crying! She said "you are going to kill me! My daughter got ahold of the siscors!" I looked at Emily and saw it looked like she had cut the poney tail off and I said oh it will be ok then Emily turned around and this is what I saw.....

My neibor felt so embarresed and bad that I didn't want to make her feel any worse! I showed Bryce and he was so mad! So I didn't know what to do so my mom made an appt. for Emily to go see this lady and She fixed her up so well! She looks like tinker bell!

I never would have cut her hair like that ever but for once in her life and I mean once! She looks cute! Bryce calls her Emelio and says I finally have my boy! He is so bad she is going to have a complex when she gets older!

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Daniel and Tiffany Dunn said...

EVERY TIME I LOOK I CRINGE!!! the haircut does look cute though!